NutraNorth™ is a full service contract manufacturer of Natural health products and Dietary supplements. We specialize in custom manufacturing of vitamins & mineral supplements, sports supplements, herbal products, glandular products , men's health products, Women’s Health products, weight management products and green food powders. The products are offered in various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and packaging.

Blending & Wet Granulation

NutraNorth™ can perform wet granulation using purified water or solvents by using sophisticated ribbon blenders and dried in our tray driers with auto setup control and also we can increase density of materials by slugging and milling. We can mix virtually any custom formulation that you request. Our powder blending facility has the capacity to blend small or large batches ensuring product consistency.

Encapsulation ( 2-piece Hard Capsule Filling )

We offer a choice of standard two piece clear and colored hard gelatin capsules, Kosher gelatin capsules or plant-based “vegicaps”. Our encapsulation machines are capable of handling various capsule sizes from # 00, # 0, #1 and # 2. We utilize high speed fully automatic and semiautomatic capsule fillers to do both large and small runs.


Our tableting machines are capable of handling a variety of different size tablets like round, caplet and oval shaped tablets. If you have a unique shape and require tablet tooling we can obtain the appropriate tooling. Whether your run size is small or large, we can produce your custom tablets.

Some of the most common types of tablets we manufacture are:

  • Chewable
  • Clear or color coated
  • Slow release
  • Sublingual
  • Effervescent
Tablet Coating

Our advanced automatic high speed coating equipment enables us to do film, glaze or enteric coating on the tablets and two piece hard capsules. We can color coat your product to keep the existing color or we can develop your choice of color.


NutraNorth™ utilize separate powder filling line with a wide range of container sizes to accommodate our customers’ needs. The programmed fill weight and selected auger determine the flow of the powder into the vessel with exceptional accuracy. We can fill jars, resealable gusset bags, canisters and plastic containers.


NutraNorth™ can manufacture full range of liquid supplements including energy shots, syrups, liquid suspensions, energy drinks, joint support liquid, mineral liquids, and more.

Softgels, liquid capsules and gummies

NutraNorth™ has aligned with a group of top quality producers to provide solution for your unique products such as softgels including vegetable source DHA softgels, liquid capsules and gummies. This allows us to offer valued solutions to our customers at an exceptional value.

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